4 costly car rental mistakes to avoid

There is nothing more exciting to travel around the new city behind the wheel of a car. With road being your guide and rental car belonging to you, exploring the city becomes much fun. However, you need to be very careful while selecting the rental company, as there may be some hidden problems you aren’t aware of. Below listed are some commonly made mistakes that you should avoid committing.

Selecting an unreliable rental car firm

There are many well-known rental car companies, offering best of service to their customers. However, finding the right one can take up lot of time and hence people book the first rental car company they land in. With so much to organize before the trip, people tend to ignore booking a vehicle from reputable firm, ending up with an unsuitable vehicle, especially when the demand is high in peak season. Though they might offer cheap rates initially, you may be required to pay higher fare while returning the car. Hence stick with well-known and highly reputed providers.

Selecting the wrong car

What’s more frustrating than getting your family members in a vehicle with the entire luggage, where no room for comfortable seating arrangement?  You need to check on how many seats are available in the car, how much luggage can fit, so that you can choose the size based on your travelling plan.

Buying extra insurance

Once you finalize the deal, you can expect a discussion about vehicle insurance. When you rent a vehicle, insurance is covered. However, you may have to pay high excess fees, in case something goes wrong. You should know the choices beforehand rather making a poor decision about the cover you may want. Check with your credit card company on whether or not they offer rental car insurance. You should also check with your personal car insurance company regarding the coverage, so that you need not spend extra on the rental car firm’s collision damage package.

Failing to inspect

You need to do a thorough examination before dropping the car or else you will end up losing significant money. Ensure to have the photos taken to avoid paying unnecessary repair bills.

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