Choosing the Best Options for the Motorcycle Boots


Too few bikers know: feet and ankles are often the organs most affected by falls on motorcycles and scooters. Protecting your feet should be a priority for all of us! Many alas prefer above all the look, comfort, ease of wearing shoes. A quick tour of the market for boots, half boots, ankle boots, sneakers and other shoes for bikers.

The foot, unjustly under-equipped

While a third of motorcycle accidents cause orthopedic injuries. According to this study, two- and three-wheeled drivers still take their safety too lightly. However, it should be noted that the statistical sample used as a basis for calculation includes all 2WDs, both “big cubic” bikers and minors on mopeds and other two-wheelers of less than 50 cm³.

Thus, if the use of the helmet is acquired by a large majority, 50% admit not to wear high shoes (not to mention motocycle boots). And during the summer, it even reaches 31% to wear simple open shoes.

What prevents two-wheeled enthusiasts from getting better equipped?

As with gloves, the adoption of a law imposing the wearing of equipment would significantly improve the results, but would not be enough to convince everyone.

For example, if 30% still wear reinforced shoes to ride, they would be 63% to ensure that if the law imposes.

What would push the remaining 37% to violate this hypothetical legislation? For the most part, it is above all a problem of comfort. The budget to be spent on the purchase finally comes in the background.

In my opinion, the problem is mainly a lack of information, awareness, both on the importance of protecting the feet, but also on the possibility of equipping cheaply with quality equipment, in all styles, and without losing comfort, both on the bike and outside.

Many bikers underestimate the arduousness of foot injuries, yet this is the part of the body that touches first (so often the strongest) in an accident.

Nobody likes to walk on crutches for weeks or even months. And I’m not talking about the risk of having to rely on a stick for the rest of his life.

Anatomy box

Important structures of the ankle include bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

The ankle is a joint, or more exactly an association of three joints, which connects the following bones:

  • the tibia,
  • Fibula (fibula),
  • talus (astragalus).

The ankle joint is also supported by many tendons. The most important and best known is undoubtedly the Achilles tendon. It is essential for walking, running and jumping. It is he who connects the muscles of the calf to the calcaneus and allows us to lift the toes.

Most movements in this joint are due to strong muscles in the lower leg. The contraction of the muscles of the leg ensures the implementation of movements such as walking, running and jumping. The innervation is provided by nerves that cross the ankle to end in the foot. Finally, the ankle is irrigated by arteries that cross to reach the foot. The foot, precisely, consists of multiple small bones (tarsi and metatarsals), then phalanges.

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