Easily Forgotten Car Maintenance Tips

Most people nowadays own a car, or at the very least, have access to one. Long gone are the days where owning a vehicle was a luxury, now, owning a car is seen as a necessity. It is for this reason that everyone should know how to properly maintain their vehicle.

There are several reasons as to why it’s important to properly maintain your vehicle. From improving the general safety to enhancing reliability and performance, maintaining a car will secure its sellable value and prevent you from repair costs.

We’ve put together some tips that are easily forgotten but can make a world of difference when considering your cars health

Read the manual 

Too many people are guilty of not giving their owner’s manual enough of their time. There’s an abundance of information on how to properly look after your vehicle, with a multitude of tips on how to get the most from your car. Not only this, but your manual will also tell you how, when and how often you should perform certain checks.

Regularly replace certain parts 

From the engine air filter to spark plugs, windshield wipers, bulbs and cabin air filters. There are plenty of parts that will need replacing at some point during your vehicles life. Don’t overlook how important it is to replace these and quickly. Nowadays replacing parts doesn’t have to break the bank; there are plenty of parts available online for discount prices. Whether you’re looking for Ford, Honda or Peugeot parts, you’ll be able to find them.

Understand your warning lights

For those with little car knowledge, the number of lights on your dashboard can be a bit overwhelming, From the check engine light to the ABS warning light, it’s incredibly important to understand what they mean. You don’t want a light to come on and have no idea what it means, this could cause serious damage to your car. For example, if the oil warning light comes on, you should not attempt to drive the vehicle, if you do then there’s a possibility of totalling your engine.

Check your tyres

Whether it’s the pressure or tread depth of your tyres, it’s important to keep an eye on both of them. Your tire pressure will also impact your fuel economy and handling, whilst your tread depth will add security when driving in various weather conditions. If your tyres get too worn then you put yourself at serious risk of an accident, especially when driving in wet weather. It’s also important to note that you should get your tyres rotated and the alignment checked every 5000 miles.

Check oil levels

Something so vital, but often overlooked. Within your car’s engine, there are a lot of parts moving around and in turn creating friction. That same friction generates a lot of heat which can consequently reduce engine performance. Oil not only reduces this friction but can eliminate it, so you can see why this is such an important check to make.

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