Forklift Training and Licensing Course


A forklift truck can be generally described as a powered industrial truck which has a lifting media that is made up of mast and an elevating load carriage that is in turn attached to a pair of fork arms. A Forklift training and licensing course in Melbourne can be done for a small fee of less than $500. This course provides the students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to operate a forklift truck perfectly and safely. 

The training institutes help their students in increasing their employment opportunities in the industry. Obtaining a forklift licence is a fast and an affordable way to achieve your employment goals in the transport business. 

Safety and Confidence

It does not matter if the student is already a trained heavy vehicle operator or is using a forklift for the first time. The training institutes have a course which suits the needs of every student and makes sure that the student acquires the skills necessary to operate a forklift with confidence, along with safety. The course begins with a theoretical and calculations training. It then moves onto the practical forklift training. The practical part comprises of: 

  • An introduction to the forklifts
  • The checks required prior operation
  • The work Plan
  • Risk management
  • The procedures to be followed in case of emergencies
  • Load shifting
  • Manoeuvring
  • Pallet stacking
  • Dealing with heavy loads
  • Dealing with a shut down situation

The Forklift Training Course

The student must have attained a minimum of 18 years of age to qualify for the course. A photo ID is then presented to the training institute, along with the fee for enrolment. Steel cap shoes are a mandatory requirement for the trainees of forklifts. 

A forklift training course is designed for both the beginners and existent operators. Usually, one day is allocated to understanding the theory on forklifts and the calculations required. The trainers and the students work through the forklift modules in the classroom. The students that qualify theoretically then move on to the practical training session. 

The practical training on the machine as well as an assessment is conducted on the same day. The assessments are based on the specialised knowledge, calculations and the practical operations on the forklift. Within two days, the student is ready for an employment in the transport industry. 

Forklift Licence in Melbourne

The forklift modules on which the students are trained are either emailed or posted to them for prior reference. The students can study the modules for a week on their own, before enrolling into the course for a better understanding. 

The training time is then scheduled, starting from 8 am and ending by 4 pm each day. The students that pass through the theoretical and practical assessments receive a credited certification from the Forklift training institute. This certificate will help the student to acquire the forklift licence in Melbourne from the local post office. The licence stands valid for a period of 5 years. 

TDT is a premier training institute that not only helps in training but also in obtaining different licences.

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