How Lane Assist Feature Assures Safe Driving

The journey of automotive industry has been a long and exciting one. But the recent years have been more significant in the entire history of its innovations where automotive has really become automated in its true sense to the extent of fully-automated self-driven cars. Though these cars are yet to be seen on roads, the presence if automation can be experienced in the modern day cars through several driver assist technologies. These automated systems help the driver with steering through the right way, braking at the right time, controlling the speed and in many more ways. The Lane-assist technology is one such technology that is now found in almost every new car through which the rates of accidents have come down to a significant level, that used to happen because of the wrong timing of changing lanes.

The Henderson area Mazda dealers say, that in almost every new Mazda model, you get this technology enabled either as standard or as an optional feature, and that’s why every Mazda is surely a safer car to drive.

The technicians of these dealerships took fancy in explaining to us, how the lane assist feature assures safe driving for all.

Kinds of Lane Assist Feature

The lane assist feature works simply as an alert system. The technology is based on monitoring the direction of the wheels, by recording the lane you were driving, and when you tend to waver from the lane, it starts warning you either through a ding or through a voice message. In still older cars, it signals the driver through a light flashing on the dash or through shaking either the steering wheel or the driver’s seat.

The Current Scenario

The modern day cars that are equipped with several cameras and sensors, run the lane-assist technology on the basis of the sensory inputs that are either derived from a lane departure camera, or from infrared sensors. Some more advanced cars also use lasers to activate this technology. The cameras are usually placed sometimes at the front of the car, or at the roof to get a 360 degree view, while in some cars, the camera is located at the rear end to notice the following cars that are coming too close.

In any case, these cameras process the video in real time to the display unit in the center console of the car, to let the driver know what the current scenario is, so that he can change the lane at a suitable time, or can switch on the turning signal to let the following car know about his intentions. This technology is run with the help of a program that is coded to read the lines that are drawn on the road turn. These visual data work as an input for the onboard computer that can further process it to reach the driver through the infotainment display instructing the driver to steer back the vehicle to its original lane, or to take a proper turn with the proper signals on, so that the following cars do not be confused and ram against the rear end of the concerned car.

A mechanic of a famous Mazda dealer near Henderson commented, that cars with the lane assist feature enabled ensure safety not only for the car itself but also for the cars that drive around.

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