How Mazda Designed its 2019 Mazda 6

The brand name Mazda brings about a lot of concepts that are unique to the automotive industry. But the most fascinating aspect of this brand lies in its way of designing each and every model, they release from their shade. The 2019 year model of Mazda 6 that made a splendid sales record at the dealership counters all across the globe, can stand as one of the best examples of its design concept, that is worth of a discussion. It can be best explained by only a member of Mazda family, says one of the experienced staff serving at the Riverside Mazda dealership.

Soul of Motion

He continued to explain that at Mazda, each and every staff and member is trained to believe in the concept that a car cannot be simply a mass of sheet metal that can accommodate people and reach destinations. At Mazda each and every person believes from their heart that any car is more like a living creature that has a life and soul of itself. Hence, it needs an emotional bond to be established between a car and its driver just the same way there’s a deep relationship between the horse and its rider. This concept of Mazda with their ultimate goal of creating a design is being termed as the “Soul of Motion” design.

With this “soul of motion” concept implemented in each and every car design, Mazda evokes in each of its model the warmth of a living being that has a beating heart and you can feel blood running through its veins. The 2019 Mazda 6 that is one of the most famous models of Mazda this year bears all the signs of putting the “soul of motion” curved in its demeanor, and this is how it has been achieved.

Clay Modeling

That’s where Mazda stands out in the crowd of automobile manufacturers. At Mazda, each and every car design get framed through the first breathing of a sketch followed by the sculpting of the model with the use of modeling clay. The 2019 Mazda 6 is no exception to this procedure that is strictly followed at Mazda.

Expert Fabrication

Once the shape and styling are confirmed with the clay model, it is taken down on the machines to be manufactured through an expert fabricating methodology, supervised at every step by an expert fabricator.

Master Painter

The finishing touch on the 2019 Mazda 6 can be felt through the usage of brilliant colors that are perfectly chosen by the visionary designer who knows how to highlight the beauty of a flowing shape on the surface of the car body.

The Visual Effect

Right from the arches to the ride height attained with the help of the 17 inch wheels, from the front grille embossing the Mazda logo to its smooth flowing design that starts its journey from the front end to the tail. The expert at the Riverside Mazda dealer concluded with this realization that everything in this Mazda sedan exhibits the exercise of allowing simplicity to take over the complicated thought process, and the effect is simple. The 2019 Mazda 6 came out to be one of the best looking sedans in the 2019 year automotive market.

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