How the Armouring of Vehicle is Done?

The drug war in Mexico has resulted in more than 15000 deaths as well as the kidnapping of ISIS and Boko Haram. Various famous personalities like celebrities, politicians, athletes etc. have been increasingly getting threats which require further protection measures. In this juncture, armouring companies have come up with unique measures of advanced protection of your cars to protect you from numerous threats of terror groups and kidnappers. It is estimated that each armouring company gives at least 3000 individual armouring services annually. Contact with Troy Armoring armored buses for availing the best and durable armouring services of your vehicle to protect yourself from terror attacks or any type of criminal or kidnapping threats.

In the process of armouring, after the preliminary discussion about the portion and level of armouring, the entire interiors are stripped to accommodate changes for armouring. As the goal of armouring is to give maximum protection, a complete modification in the car is done through modifying the window glass, pillar posts, the floor of the car, doors and roofs, fuel tank, engine, tire, batteries etc.

Several types of metals are used to provide protection to the outer body of the car. Ballistic steel and composite fibre materials are popularly used in building the body armour. The window glasses are normally armoured with bulletproof polycarbonate substrates. This glass is designed to absorb any ballistic threat and does not look different than the normal glasses which is helpful for the security measures. The glasses are further taken through a process called controlled delamination by which the inner layer of the glasses is made capable of preventing breaches caused by external objects. Besides this, the glasses are tinted to hide the occupants from the external viewers. 

There are various protection levels or security standards based on the severity or types of probable attacks and the level of armouring protection to tackle them. As per estimation the heaviest armour that protects the car varies from 1650 to 2250 pounds against the car’s weight. The welding process of armouring is different than normal welding. Normally, the service providers opt for weld-free technologies in order to ensure ballistic steel maximum integration. While modifying the door of the car, the armouring companies apply 3rd hinge door support to ensure maximum door security. In armouring the tires, the armouring companies adopt run flat tires strengthening the tire to run at a speed of 60 miles per hour for a length of 60 to 100 miles. The floor and gas tanks of the car are armoured with nylon armours to absorb the fragmentation of bomb blasts. 

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