NCWC Inc. Ocean NJ Offers Extended Service Plans For Older Cars

Older cars can be difficult to take care of. Unlike brand new cars, the wear and tear will start to catch up and make repairs more frequent. The cost of labor and parts replacement can put a big dent on the wallet. Although regular maintenance can go a long way towards preventing repairs, this will only be delaying the inevitable. If you are a car owner, then you will have to prepare for this eventuality. Think about what you will do once the original warranty on your vehicle expires. NCWC Inc. Ocean NJ provides residents with a viable option with their Extended Service Plans.

These ESPs work much the same way that the original warranty does. They protect owners against the financial shock of unexpected repair bills. This ensures that every problem gets resolved right away instead of being ignored due to the lack of funds. Most issues are cheaper to fix at the outset anyway, as they tend to get worse with time. Knowing that you can get immediate assistance is crucial when you need to take action. It begins with roadside assistance that covers towing if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. This also includes tire change, battery jumpstarts, and fuel delivery.

NCWC provides lockout assistance to their clients. If owners break, lose, or lock their keys inside the car, then they will pay for a licensed locksmith to open the vehicle for retrieval. Indeed, they will even provide trip interruption protection. This will apply to cases wherein the client gets stranded due to a component breakdown over 100 miles from home. The coverage can be up to $75 per day for meals and overnight stays. Once the car is in the shop for repairs, the owner may not have any reserve vehicle to drive. That’s alright as the plans include car rental to minimize disruption.

One good thing about the extended service plans is that it is possible to make an unlimited number of claims for the vehicle. However, you should probably check the contract to see if there are other limits imposed such as monetary assistance. In case you come to the conclusion that you would like to sell your car, there will be no worries for you or the next owner as the contract is transferable. This alone should provide the buyers with peace of mind. It can also increase the value of the car despite its age. The company offers national coverage for both the US and Canada.

There are four service plans available. The first features Engine Coverage which makes it ideal for older vehicles. High mileage will take its toll on the main vehicle component and repairs will be expensive. If you have a tight budget and can only afford limited coverage, then this is the one to get. Next is the Powertrain Coverage which also includes the transmission and drive axels, along with the engine. The expanded coverage just makes vehicle ownership less stressful. Meanwhile, the Powertrain Enhanced Coverage adds the brakes, steering, electrical, and air conditioning to the protected parts.

For those who would like to avail of the most comprehensive plan, the Select Coverage should be chosen. This covers virtually everything except for cosmetic wear and tear. All of the service plans are renewable, refundable, and include a $100 deductible. Vehicles that are in good condition are more likely to get better pricing deals. Owners can choose their own preferred repair shop to deal with any of the covered mechanical failures. NCWC Inc. Ocean NJ is accredited by the BBB and has decades of experience in the industry. Learn more about the company to see if it is a good match.

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