Steps to Take After a Collision Repair Work Fails

After taking your car to the local auto body shop for a repair work, you expect your car to drive home in perfect shape. But there can be some unfortunate repair sessions, after which you find your car in equally bad shape, if not more. Now, that you’ve already paid a large sum of money, you feel the pinch to be harder than when your car got damaged for the first time. You might feel helpless too, as you might need to go through the entire process again, and repay the entire amount, in case you want to try a new repair shop. So not fret. Here are some really useful suggestions we gathered from the experts of the Salisbury collision repair that will fix up the issue back, and will minimize the loss it has occurred to you.

Document the Persisting Problem

After the repair shop calls you to pick your car saying the work is completed and you find out that the work is not done as it was promised or quoted, you need not accept it, as if it was your fate. Rather start documenting with proper photographs and videos, about what has gone wrong with the repair. Do not forget to consider collecting some authentic statements from your close friends, as the witnesses of the issue. To stay prepared for such an event, the experts also recommend you to take along someone with you, while accepting back your car after a repair work is done.

Report the Issues

Once done with the documentation, now you need to report to the auto body shop regarding your issues, making them aware of the problem. If your auto body shop is one of those who guarantee their work, they would also probably be willing to address your case with care.

Ask for a Refund or Promise of Delivery

If the auto body shop you have taken your car to don’t offer any guarantee on their work, the only way out for you will be trying to get a refund for the work they haven’t done properly. If necessary, consider collecting few estimates from another shop to fix up the poor work.

The body shop that couldn’t work u to the mark might respond to your complaint in different ways. They can either agree to administer a redo of the work at no cost for you, or at a discounted price. At worst, they might even refuse to listen to your requests altogether. In that case, you can raise a complaint in the consumer forum, furnishing all your documents related to the issue.

The Right Solution

Remembering the old saying that “prevention is better than cure”, it is better to be prepared for such events, before you assign any auto body shop for your car repair.

For this, it is recommendable that you do some good research to find out the best auto body shops near you and check out what are their options against the promise of delivery. Choosing a reliable auto repair shop that has  positive consumer reviews, appreciable  customer service, certified technicians, reasonable pricing or financing options, and a promise of delivery will not land you in such trouble ever, says the expert technician of the collision repair Salisbury shop.

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