What is the Difference between Paint Protection Film and Paint Coating?

Car owners who take extra care of their ride are often confused between two products: paint protection film or PPF and Paint Coating. This article differentiates between the two to make the decision to choose one that is suitable for your car.

Paint Protection Film or PPF

Paint protection film or PPF is a clear polyurethane film that was made to protect military equipment in the first place. Eventually, the car manufacturers got hold of this and now is used on every car to protect it from rock chips, scratches and contaminants. The PPFs by Proshield are known for its self healing properties that make it the most preferred options because it lets the scratches fade away over time or by heat. In order to get rid of all the defects, the paint needs to be thoroughly decontaminated and usually polished before installing the PPF to install it accurately.

Advantages of PPF

  1. They are quite resistant to rock chips
  2. They are resistant to scratches as well and may also pierce the film but never damages the paint
  3. They have self healing properties if the scratches are minor
  4. They never fade or yellow away
  5. The damaged film can be replaced by a professional with no damage to your paint at all.

Disadvantages of PPF

  1. They are a bit tricky to install
  2. If you don’t remove it with precision, you can damage the paint

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are deemed the next level evolution in the paint protection department. They stick to the surface of the paint that creates a permanent layer of protection. Ceramic coatings are known to be more chemical resistant, scratch resistant, UV protection and heat tolerance than wax or polymer sealants. Environmental damage and scratches never penetrate the coating and hence keeping the paint in its original condition.

Advantages of ceramic coating

  1. They are easy to repair. You just need to polish or buff it in order to fix minor damage
  2. They are quite hydrophobic
  3. They help in increasing the shine and luster
  4. They have 9H hardness so it is less prone to have more marks and scratches
  5. It helps in improving the UV protection and is chemical resistant as well

Disadvantages of ceramic coating

  1. They are not resistant to rocks and chips
  2. It doesn’t stop anything that may cause deep scratches and gouges on your car
  3. They are tricky to install and may look weird when not installed correctly

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