What to Expect from the Upcoming 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan?

Though luxury was the pivot of priorities for Genesis after its bifurcation from its parent concern Hyundai, the wing has rounded up all the other virtues as constituent components of achieving real in-car luxury. Having that said, we indicate that Genesis cars aren’t only beautiful to look at and feel good on the senses, but they also have the power to perform on roads, while safety and infotainment accompany the crew of advancement no lesser than its competitors.

The news and rumors around the 2020 models of Genesis have been surging these days, out of which we chose to talk about the Genesis G80 model, as most of its details are still under speculation.

Changes in Powertrain

The 2019 model year of Genesis G80 gave us three engine options, counting a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, one 3.8-liter V6, and a power monger 5.0-liter V8 one. But a reliable source whom we know as a Conshohocken Genesis dealer staff updated us with the news that for 2020 Genesis will not include the V8 option in the lineup. The news was quite surprising as we can anticipate a sharp decline in the horsepower rating for the next 2020 model of G80 almost by 55 hp while the drop in torque will be about seven pound-feet.

Speculations regarding this drastic change in the 2020 lineup of Genesis G80 say that the recent market that is now more focused on fuel saving must have discouraged Genesis to cut down the spicy V8 engine from the lineup, a V8-powered performance will burn more gas and drain outmoney, while its emissions will take a toll on the environment as well. So, we all must support Genesis for taking this bold step towards achieving better economy and environment friendliness. Right now, we are told that Genesis will run the G80 lineup with the power of two four-cylinder engines among which one will be a2.5-liter turbocharged one that can crank up to 300 of hp, and the other could be a plug-in hybrid one that will round up the venture of Genesis for going green.

The Design Language

The 2020 model year of Genesis G80 sedan is also been rumored about debuting the next step of Genesis’ own design language, that has already thrown a challenge to the well-established premium luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Leaked photos, spy videos and some loose propositions made by Genesis itself can make us dream of a design on the new 2020 G80 that will have some futuristic shapes and state-of-the-art strokes. The photos we collected displays a shield-like front grille curved near the frontal intakes, while the newly crafted door handles seem to be moved beneath a pair of shoulders that are spreadwider and stronger than its predecessor models. The prominent side mirrors will navigate your eyesto the newly relocated door mounting, while the trunk coming at the end of the slope of the rear window, gave the rear fascia a new face.

Regarding the Release

The Genesis dealer Conshohocken staff assured us that the new 2020 model of Genesis G80 might make its public appearance in the month of September for the South Korea market, while American buyers will have to wait till the end of this year, to book their test drives at their nearby dealership showrooms.

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